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Start by building a solid foundation. It's more difficult than one might think. The difficult part is getting the right person at the top. Most people think they're the "right" person but they're not. Most organizations would be more successful if they just delegated the top spot to a proven leader instead of relying on the status quo to produce positive results. The right person is a servant leader, one who understands that he is only really in charge of what his team allows him to be in charge of. The right person understands that expectations are a two way street, meaning he puts a priority on the team's expectations of him and addresses them with a sense of urgency. Your team can and will influence your profits, the question is are your profits going to be positive or negative? Put your team first and your team will put the customer first.

Once you've accomplish the brutal task of actually getting the right person in the driver's seat, then through a lot of research, you pull out the best hiring technique you can find and begin the very rewarding task of hiring the best and only the best with no exceptions. I shouldn't have to say this but i'm going to anyway, "NO" the hiring technique you and your buddies cooked up out of thin air will not pass the smell test. You will not receive any power from your team if they don't believe in their hearts that you have their best interest in mind. "The power you have is the team's willingness to follow what you have to say." Base your culture on performance, not seniority. Put your values before your profits and the profits will come. Use the 80/20 plan, where 80% of your time is spent with your team getting value added feedback on all kinds of things like customers, employee performance and situational stuff etc. and 20% of your time is spent handling only value added paperwork in your office.

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