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Why some organizations succeed and others don't.

Why does one organization succeed while other's just like it with the same opportunity and capital fail? It's my belief that the unsuccessful ones "put the cart before the horse." I'm sure the unsuccessful organizations tried all the latest lean manufacturing, motivational, sales, and marketing techniques and still found them to be ineffective. I'm sure they're still scratching their heads today, wondering why they're continuing to struggle. Truth is, without having only the right people on the bus, in the right seats on the bus, you can drive all the positive change you can gather and still not notice any improvements.

Having the wrong people on the bus is the root of the problem. This includes the top executives. Just because your at the top of the org. chart, doesn't mean your the right person in the right seat. You could be the problem. Ask yourself this question: Am I subsidizing the "C" team in any way? If you are, then your the problem. Being successful is hard enough, next to impossible if your arrogant and incompetent enough to believe the members of the C team are actually going to add value to your organization. A regular turnover of the C team is mandatory for success. Organizations must realize the indirect costs that are involved in allowing the wrong people on the bus in the first place. Just asking your A and B teams to pull the C teams weight is a non starter. "Motivation's easy, get rid of the unmotivated" Lou Holtz.

The C team’s whole host of issues necessitates the need for the majority of the resources, all of which are recognized as being non-value added. Issues like:

  1. Tardiness, which leads to disruptions in the flow of information, production, morale, and teamwork.

  2. Lack of passion for their work, which leads to a lack of productivity, creativity, teamwork, morale, and quality.

  3. Disciplinary issues, which lead to disruptions in other departments such as Human resources, Quality and Finance.

Don't put the cart before the horse. Get the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats, this goes for you too. This is the solid foundation you need to build on. Only then you can begin implementing all the latest and greatest best practices with great success.

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