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The Failing Managers in Disguise

We've all heard this statement in one form or another, "I'm sure he or she is a great person outside of work but the arrogance and sheer incompetence at work is more than anyone should have to deal with." The "Managers in Disguise" as leaders always believe that a promotion to a position of authority automatically comes with an invisible shield. All of the sudden their untouchable. In reality, the failing managers boss is the invisible shield that continuously protects him/her from themselves.

Most employees attitudes towards substandard leadership is less than flattering. This is by design. It's not very often that an employee fires their boss out right, so they tend to do the next best thing which is withhold their power and potential which is sure to be misunderstood as poor attitudes. The manager's boss should do a cost/benefit analysis on the indirect costs associated with the team's poor attitudes versus the failing managers inability to lead. Subsidizing the "C" team adds no value. The teams know that the lack of production will cost the organization far more than the failing manager is worth and that's how they try to force the boss to make a change for the better.

A manager in disguise would never admit to being the cause of an entire team's poor attitude. This is the best time for him or her to begin their deception and deflection campaign. The whole it's not me it's them approach. Trust me, if he/she was hired through the buddy system, you will be amazed at just how much of a loss the person or persons who did the hiring or promoting are willing to take before giving into the team's expectations. The true indirect cost is dependant on how high up the org. chart the incompetence goes.

I have noticed thru social media this very subject played out over and over. An employee is said to have a bad attitude at work but when you peek into their social media, you see them having a great time with friends and coworkers. So don't confuse someone's personality with their attitude. Ask yourself if you would like to work for you.

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