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Every organization must work hard to realize set goals and turn a profit. Some organizations make it look easy while most struggle and many just cease to exist. For those who are really in dire need of help, i'm going to attempt to explain what some of your most significant problems are. Odd's are:

1. You have a poor onboarding and offboarding process. This allows the wrong people (C Players) to get on the bus. You have hired people and told them what to do instead of hiring people smarter than you and having them tell you what you should do.

2. You have a high turnover rate due to low morale because of the wrong people are being allowed to stay on the bus.

3. You have no budget to purchase the proper tools necessary to do your work because your poor onboarding and offboarding process has allowed the wrong people to get on the bus and bring down morale and create a high turnover rate. This is due to the majority of your budget being spent dealing with the indirect costs that (C Players) inherently bring.

4. Your expectations are one sided. The failure to realize expectations are a two way street destroys morale and profits.

5. You have failed to properly invest in your employees which leads to a poor customer experience.

6. You have no focus directed towards the customer experience. Dissatisfied customers terminate or refuse to renew contracts everyday.

7. Last but not least, You have the wrong person or person's at the top of the organizational chart that allowed numbers 1 thru 6 to happen in the first place. Just being at the top of the org. chart, doesn't automatically qualify you as the right person. The power you have is your team's willingness to follow what you have to say. If the majority does not follow, your not really in charge.

Better than 50% of all organizations operate this way, so don't beat yourself up too bad. If you can relate to these 7 points of interest, and it gives you the desire to do better, then I have done my part. If your organization is struggling and you can't relate to this, then number 7 is where I would advise you to apply your focus. Surrounding yourself with people who can do what you can't is not a step down so to speak, it's a huge leap of faith in the right direction.

For more uncommon common sense leadership insight, visit I offer my advice because I truly care about your success.

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