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So many organizations have prerequisites that must be met prior to conducting business with potential clients or even customers in some cases. The use of a 3rd party Contractor/Supplier Qualification Organization has helped many organizations with their selection and vendor approval process. Usual requirements for conducting business are a Safety Management System, Quality Management System, above average On Time Delivery Rate and Insurance to name a few. Currently, having a robust leadership program is not a requirement for doing business but if common sense tells us anything, a leadership program should be a top priority based on values and principle for every business.

The notion that there's not a Leadership program requirement makes no sense to me. I have written MANAGERS IN DISGUISE-LEADERS IN DISGUST because it's my belief that leadership is the way of the future. For far too long, organizations have gotten away with having managers in leadership positions who didn't possess any leadership skills. Times are changing, millennials with no patience for managerial dysfunction from upper management and their high turnover rates are forcing organizations to re-evaluate positions of leadership and who's in them. My book is designed to help all organizations navigate the "Not-so-Obvious Roadblocks to Success." In it I explain the timeless struggles between the qualified and unqualified, the obvious and not-so obvious.

Adopting this leadership tool and exposing every employee to succession training will not only help you separate yourself from your competition, but should assist you in getting on those AVL's that were previously unreachable. I ask, why not have a leadership program anyway? Stop promoting employees to leadership positions without offering the leadership training skills necessary to sustain the position to the level your teams and customers require. The indirect costs associated with not having a leadership program, far outweigh the cost of having the program.

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