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Amateurs v/s Professionals

Many employees have heard the “BOSS” make the statement, “our competition won’t be in business long with those rates”. This is due to a total lack of leadership training within his/her organization. Leadership training consists of so much more than just how to manage tasks given to you by the person or persons who promoted you. A leader wouldn’t make the mistake of thinking his/her operation is so finely tuned, there’s no room for improvement. On this topic, people with quality leadership training might ask probing questions such as:

  • Am I doing all I can do to make the company great?

  • How is our competition able to survive with rates lower than ours?

  • How is our competition able to gain market share while we struggle?

  • What is our organization not doing that there’s is?

Maybe, your competition is led by someone who has received quality leadership training. If so, he or she probably learned the value of:

  • Employee Retention

  • Low turnover rates among A and B players

  • High turnover rates of C players

  • Putting values before profits

  • Integrity

  • Expectations being a two way street

  • Perception Feedback Surveys on management

With the proper knowledge at hand, the indirect costs associated with doing business can be overcome. Even mediocre leadership training is better than no training at all. Offering management the tools they need to be successful such as financial intelligence, has not been reported as the reason for the failure of an organization. In fact, the demise of most organizations big and small is due to the lack of real leadership at the executive level. In my book Managers in Disguise-Leaders in Disgust, I write about the not-so-obvious roadblocks to success where I have discussed at length the dysfunction associated with allowing a “Manager in Disguise” to hold a position of authority which has the ability to steer the direction of an organization.

I do not offer leadership thoughts which do not take into account the executive’s competence. In fact, most of my writing is about pulling back the curtains so to speak on poor management which we all can relate to. I leave you with this to ponder; if the executive at the top is a Manager in Disguise as a leader, how would you navigate that roadblock to success? Find a solution which benefits all employees, not just you.

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