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“Robert Wood identifies the impact poor leadership has on organizations and the not so obvious ways we disguise bad leaders. Anyone that aspires to be better as a leader should read this book and put the contents into action."                                             

- John Grubbs, Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author.

“Robert Wood expresses profound thoughts in simple language and in many ways says what we all know is true but never put in words.  His candid and unwavering advocacy for his colleagues (“the team”) is both refreshing and inspiring!  This book is a quick read with a potentially profound impact for organizations that have the courage to confront problems and get better.“                                              


- Scott J. Anson, Ph.D., P.E. Professor of Mechanical Engineering, LeTourneau University

"I first cleared my mind of everything I knew personally of the author Robert Wood.

Next I set out pen and paper for notes and suggestions. The scenarios brought forth

from the very beginning were familiar. I had experienced these same things in the

workplace. The writer’s passion leapt from each word. It was easy to tell he had not

only seen the problems he discussed first hand but had accomplished their solutions

as well. I read on intrigued. It was as if I was reliving the last forty years all the while wishing I had used this book as a guide. Closing the book I noticed my notebook still 

lying open beside me. Not a single note or suggestion. From labor to CEO I recommend this read to anyone that wishes to succeed." 


- Floyd Rumbaugh, Poet and Action Adventure Author

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