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When you terminate someone’s employment, this means you are no longer in need of their services. When a good employee quits, this means they are no longer in need of your services, effectively terminating you. This should always be thoroughly investigated. Why do good employees quit? They quit when:

  • Their expectations haven’t been met for extended periods of time.

  • The organization is headed in the wrong direction.

  • There’s no more room for advancement.

  • They don’t feel recognized.

  • It’s not fun anymore.

  • They become the problem (the wrong person on the bus)

All these issues stem from a lack of effective leadership. Even good employees have their limits to what amount of dysfunction they can take from bad management. Once a person’s morale is beaten into submission, they usually seek other opportunities to make a difference elsewhere. A good employee who is frustrated by bad management will inevitably make the transition from a good employee to a bad employee over time. A good worker will quit before he/she begins to destroy the motivation of others. Notice, these types of sacrifices are only made by good employees. All too often, the managers in disguise are oblivious as to their part in the destruction of the good employee and wouldn’t admit to it anyway when confronted about it. If you can relate to my analysis, share this insight with those who need it the most or feel free to comment. Never miss an opportunity to help someone else succeed.

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